Meet Lavey

Healing from domestic violence, sexual abuse, child-hood trauma. Reiki helped me heal from a lifetime of not feeling "Good Enough" My self-esteem at that time was so small that I just accepted and absorbed all the abuse. Once I started to recognize the light and strength within myself and released everything into the Universe and surrendered.


I began to attract more positive, loving, and supportive relationships into my life. It became a reflection of how I felt about myself internally. These techniques will aspire you to awaken and become one with your own divine light.


With that said, I created Lavey's World of Healing a safe sacred space for my clients to accomplish deep and transformational healing through Reiki. My life is dedicated to spreading awareness of Reiki as a gentle, yet powerful practice for energy healing. The human body and mind are capable of extraordinary things, lets discover them together.

Peace - Light - Love 



   Education & Certification 

  •      Reiki Master through Healing Today​ Attunements I, II, and Master Level (2021)

  •       Crystal Healing Practitioner through Udemy (2021)

  •       Professional Life Coach through Transformation Academy (2021)

  • ​      Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner through Transformation Academy (2021)​

  •       7 Chakras Complete Guide through Udemy (2021)

  •       Associate of Science Health Care through Ultimate Medical Academy (2021)

  •       Continuing my education for Holistic Health at Quantum University (2022) 

  •       Member of International Associate of Reiki Professional (IRAP) ID #59797665 (2021)

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

                            Lao Tzu