Before booking a session with Lavey

Please download the PDF file to become a member of the New Universal Natural Healing Association the $10.00 fee will be included in your session. Please fill out form and send it directly to This form must be completed before session. 

Please understand the following:


I am not licensed, certified, or registered by the state of Florida as a health care professional.  I am not a licensed medical physician and do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe remedies for the treatment of disease.  The services I perform, whether in person, by mail or by phone, are at all times restricted to complementary and alternative health care services intended for the maintenance of the best possible state of nutritional health.  I am prohibited from performing surgery or any invasive procedure, administer or prescribe x-ray radiation, prescribe prescription drugs, use general or spinal anesthetics, administer ionizing radioactive substances, use a laser device that punctures the skin, perform enemas/colonics unless board certified, practice midwifery, practice psychotherapy, perform spinal manipulation, practice optometry, directly administer medical protocols to a pregnant woman or a person who has cancer, practice dentistry, set fractures, practice massage therapy, provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or recommend the discontinuation of a course of care recommended by a health care professional.